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    ...a revolutionary breakthrough in human detoxification....
    ...a safe and non invasive method...
    ...a simple approach...
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Every now and then, someone make a breakthrough for a new system that makes body detoxification simpler and more effective...those are rare, and hard to on to find out more on how you can detox your body with a simpler, effective, safe & non-invasive detoxification approach...

Dear Friends,

Welcome to
My name is Alan.

Yes, this system exist!
This is what you have been waiting for. This is what you have been searching for.
A simple approach, an alternative approach to body detox.
Read on..

First, let me share with you the numerous benefits of using this simple approach to body detox. These benefits are compiled from over 30,000 test subjects...

point brings the body to the required balance state
point boost the metabolism and enhance the immunity
point helps to purge the toxins from the body
point helps to reduce the liver's and kidney's burden
point helps to remove allergens in your system
point helps to remove extra free radicals
point reduce heavy metal toxicity thus reduce inflammation
point helps to bring the PH level to a more neutral range
point helps to relief arthritis and gout
point purify the blood and aids with increase oxygen into the body

point helps to relief lactic acid and acidic wastes
point help relief headaches and induced deeper sleep
point brings about fewer skin problems
reverse aging and beautify and brighten skin complexion
point and many more ...

You can
even see and smell the 'contents' purged from your body during the detoxification process in the short span of 30 minutes.  Yes, you heard it right - only 30-minutes Simple Approach to body detox. The 'contents' are the toxins purged from your body.

Let me show you some proofs - and what better proof than to show you my own personal proof from using this simple approach to body detoxification.

I was skeptical at first when I heard about this technology from my brother-in-law who himself is a chinese accupuncturist. He told me about his friend who has
suffered from a stroke which led to his inability to walk normally.  He has to move around with the help of a wheelchair.  After learning about this detoxification process, he decided to try it.  After 10 treatments with this simple approach, he was able to stand up and walk slowly with the aid of a walking cane. Wow ! Isn't that amazing !

This truly demonstrated that ionic cleanse really works !!

There are also various reports that marked improvements can be seen just after 2 treatments  with this effective and simple method.

I decided to try it myself. The pictures below showed the detoxified contents from my body.
Note: The pictures may make some feel uncomfortable, but they are the real photos of the toxins that have been purged from my body. 

Let me share with you some of my general lifestyle's behavior and known ailments.  Like most male adults, I consumed alcohol at least once a week and has been religiously following this regime for the last 20 years.  I was a heavy smoker then but I have quit for 10 years. I have been experiencing some pain in my elbow and from some joint's inflammation. as well as having bloated stomach quite regularly.

1st Treatment result- I was astonished and quite excited during the process. I could actually see the results. There were dark green and black color contents surrounding the array (ioniser).  The dark green is indicative of toxins purged from the digestive system, gallbladder and particles due to inflammation.  The black color is indicative of toxins purged from the liver and particles due to alcohol.  The rest as you can see from the photo is brown and  orange-brown and there were foamy bubbles as well.  The brown color is indicative  of toxins from smoking, free radicals & waste products. The orange-brown is indicative of joints & muscle pain, while the bubbles is indicative of lymptic toxins, particles from the digestive system and immune system.

An effective & simple way to body detox, 1st result

I followed the instruction manual and carried out the 2nd treatment 2 days after the 1st treatment.

2nd Treatment result- There was considerably less dark green and black color regions; suggestive of less alcohol, digestive and inflammation particles in the body.  The distinct brown color is not obvious at the 2nd treatment. The only obvious color remains orange-brown; suggestive of some joints and muscle pain.  The foamy bubbles were also considerably less foamy.  

I could felt less pain from my elbow and joint's inflammation after 2 treatments.  I carried on with the treatments and the more treatments I have, I experience better sleeping patterns - normally I would have some interruptions from my sleep but not now
- I slept through. My stomach feels less bloated.

An effective & simple way to body detox, 2nd result
I am not making up about the colors and their indications.
There is a color chart showing the various colors and their indications.
This color chart is compiled after 30,000 test results on human subjects and testing by the manuafcturer with the this simple approach.

Below is an example of the toxin color chart.

An effective & simple way to body detox, toxin color chart

As you can see, my own testing with this simple approach has proven the effectiveness of this simple detoxification process just after 2 treatments.

This is truly the body detox for everybody including the busy executives.
And why not ? It only requires a 30-minutes session !

top down

Need some more proofs?
Let me show you some more proofs...

The Visible and tested detoxification results

The pictures below are proofs from using this simple detoxification process. They are the comparable photograph records before & after treatments using the simple approach to body detoxification.
An effective & simple way to body detox, helps lowers blood viscosity
                                       Normal Condition            After 30 minutes detoxification
                               Before Treatment            the blood viscosity level is down

An effective & simple way to body detox, helps removes free radicals
                                       Normal Condition               After 2 treatments, the free
                               Before Treatment                     radical appears less

An effective & simple way to body detox, helps repair Kidney cells
                              Condition before treatment                After 2 treatments

An effective & simple way to body detox, helps repair liver cell
                              Condition before treatment                After 2 treatments

An effective & simple way to body detox, helps lowers Blood Lipid
                        Condition before treatment                After 2 treatments

An effective & simple way to body detox, helps clear blood vessel
                        Condition before treatment                After 2 treatments
I hope the above proofs will encourage you to make a wise decision to start your journey to healthy living.  You have come this far, and I encourage you to take action for your own health's sake.  

We, at simpledetox understand the importance of healthy living and are willing to offer you the Ionic Cleanse device at an affordable price of USD1,099.00 per set.  

This price is at a massive 50% off from the original retail price of USD2,199.00 per set.  In fact, elsewhere, for the same premium device you can only buy it at USD3,200 per set. While others, you may still need to buy it at US$2,000 per set, but they still cannot compare with what we are offering you. If you buy the ionic cleanse set with this offer NOW, you will get:

point one ionic cleanse device
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point 2 ionisers, YES!, two of them which allows for 80 sessions.
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And why do we do that? Because we care about our users and we listen to them. The bigger size massage slice is the result of active listening and improving our products to better serve our users.

Do The Math.

The assessories stated above already cost US$297.00, and this is not inclusive of the ionic cleanse device and the SHIPPING FEE which may cost up a few hundreds of dollars (USD)

You may ask why it there such a huge discount?

There are reasons why...
tick we have committed with the manufacturer a huge quantity and
tick the most important reason for this massive discount is we care about you and your health, and as long as you are convinced about the need to start a healthy living journey, we want to give you a headstart. 
tick Most of the times, people are really put-off by the expensive shipment charges they have to pay to get the product to them.  Therefore, they really lost the opportunity to enjoy the benefits that the product might brings to them.  At simpledetox, we understand about this issue and we want to make sure that this will not happen to you. That is why we have decided to offer FREE shipment to you, wherever you may be in this world so that you will greatly benefits from this simple approach of body detoxification.  

Hurry and order your set.
Take advantage of the HUGE DISCOUNT & FREE shipping.

With this OFFER, we believe we can reach out to more people like you.

If you're still on the fence as to whether ionic cleanse detox is truly something that can help you build your health, make no mistake, there is NO other way as simple and effective as this approach.

Of course you can wait. I do not  know when the next breakthrough for the more effective and simpler solution will be. I can only tell you that with each passing day, the toxins accumulation in your body will get progressive for another day.

There is still time to win this race to healthy living.

But there is no time to lose !

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People often say that they would try to do something if they only knew how.  
As a matter of fact, they might learn how if they would only try.
And try they would if they wanted to.
NOW you have learnt how...
next is for you to try...
if you wanted to...
for your Health!

There is No Time To Lose

top down

Yours sincerely,

PS: The simpedetox ion cleanse purification is safe, non-invasive and effective.  It has been approved, licensed and certified by the EU, FCC and ECC.

PPS: We will include the foot massager free of charge when you placed your order todayThe foot massager is an add-on sold separately for USD39.00 per set.  Yours FREE, when you buy today.

PPPS: We encourage you to visit the FAQ section for additional information.

There are certain conditions and/or medications that are restricted from using the device, please check the FAQ and Resources pages for more information.

PPPPPS: The price will increase.  We cannot keep at this price for long...although we wanted to help you, we are still running a get YOUR set NOW.

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